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Asunsoft Brings Good News to People Who Lost Windows Password

Information technology has become an indispensible part of modern life. The source of people’s recreations changed from family talk after dinner to watching TV to playing computers and cellphones nowadays. And thus it seems that mouse potatoes become irritable when they lost their Windows password and are locked out of their computer.

Now I’d like to announce heartening news Asunsoft brings to those mouse potatoes who lost Windows password and have no idea what to do.

Asunsoft, one of decisive Windows Password Reset software developer and publisher, has successfully developed an all-in-one Windows password reset software a few days ago, Asunsoft Windows Password Reset, whose aim is to calm down irritable mouse potatoes that lost password with its versatile functions, quicker recovery speed and extensive compatibility.

Compared with other more Windows password reset software, what worth mention here is that Asunsoft has developed three versions with different levels and their function becomes more powerful with the increase of the level.
Asunsoft Windows Password Personal
Asunsoft Windows Password Professional
Asunsoft Windows Password Advanced
The purpose of the design of three versions is to meet its users’ requirements better. For example, if your Windows system is Windows 7 and you only need to reset local user or administrator password, then the most suitable choice is Asunsoft Windows Password Reset Personal for the same function while the lowest price. But if you have forgotten Windows Server 2012 domain password, then you can only choose the Advanced version.

Another point to mention is that on the basis of three versions, Asunsoft has designed Windows 7 Password Reset, Windows 8 Password Reset, Windows Server 2008 Reset and Windows Server 2012 Reset for its more specific division and more clear choice of customer according to their own system.

Besides, what’s new is that it supports its users to create a new administrator account offline to bypass forgotten password to regain access the locked computer more quickly and conveniently.

The above are some most important and most outstanding features of Asunsoft Windows Password Reset. And its developer concluded that it could be the good news for people who are locked out of their computers for the following reasons:
Asunsoft Windows Password Reset allows users to choose the most suitable version and software according to their own situations to realize quick re-access.
Asunsoft Windows Password Reset has extensive compatibility to reset for all popular and prevailing PC brands, and thus spare the users’ worry of not compatible with their computer and save their time choosing other software.
Asunsoft Windows Password Reset guarantee quick reset with only 3 macroscopic steps by burning bootable USB or CD/DVD reset disk.

Congratulations for Asunsoft developed such fantastic Windows Password Reset software having both excellent quality and satisfactory speed. Sincerely hope this outstanding software can live up to thousands of mouse potatoes who lost their Windows password.

More information about Assunsoft Windows Password Reset is available at http://www.asunsoft.com/windows-password-reset.html.