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Asunsoft Photo Data Geeker

Asunsoft Photo Data Geeker is pointed to solve the problem of recovering lost pictures, which can support to recover many different picture formats, such as png, jpg, gif, bmp, psd, etc. It applys to recover files from memory card, such as SD card, Phone memory card, etc. Meanwhile, It provides other formats recovery, such as, video fromats, audio/MP3 fromats and other fromats. No matter what reasons that you lost photo resulted from, it also can help you find back the picture.

Any question about the software, you can see the FAQ or contact with us.

Primary Characters:

Support to recover different picture formats, such as png, jpg, psd, bmp, gif, tiff, pcx, tga, fpx, etc
Support the recovery of other formats, including video, audio and other formats.
Apply to restore the recovery from various cards, such as SD card, phone memory card, CF card and so on.
The whole process is easy and safe.

Simple Steps

Step1. Download this software and run it on the PC.

Step2. Choose the formats that your lost files belong to and click "Next".

Step3. Choose the partition or the device where your lost files in and Scan it.

Step4. Choose the files you want to recover.

Detailed steps for the recovery of your lost filesv -- click Photo Data Geeker User Guide


Photo Data Geeker

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