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How to reset toshiba laptop to factory settings for Windows 8/7

This document describes how to reset toshiba laptop to factory setting when your Windows 8/7 system cannot start or your forget your laptop login password and locked out of your computer.

To perform a factory reset on your toshiba laptop, you must known: All data on your toshiba laptop will be erased, so you must ensure that you have backed up you per si on al files.

Steps to reset toshiba laptop to factory setting:

1. Turn off your toshiba computer.

2. Hold down the zero key, and press the power button once to startup your computer.

3. When your computer begin beeping, release the zero key.

4. When the computer prompt you whether perform a factory reset on the computer, select "Yes" to continue.

5. Select Factory default software and click Next to continue.

6. Select recover to out-of-box stateĀ and click Next to continue.

7. Click Next to perform a system recovery on your laptop.

8. Click Finish to reboot your computer and you will get a new windows 8 system.


Perform a password recovery on Toshiba laptop when forget password

1. Download and install Windows Password Geeker on another accessible computer.

2. Insert USB flash drive, and start Windows Password Geeker to create a USB password boot disk.

3. Insert USB password boot disk to Toshiba laptop and set it to boot from USB drive.

See How to set compute to boot from USB drive.

4. Boot Toshiba laptop from USB password boot disk.

5. When Windows Password Geeker starts, you can choose a user account, and reset it password.

More information, see Windows Password Geeker user gudie.



Toshiba Laptop - Reset to factory settings

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