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How to restore dell laptop to factory settings

This text describes how to restore your laptop to factory settings when your windows 8 or windows 7 system cannot start correctly, or you forget the login password.

1. Factory reset Dell laptop

When your windows cannot start correctly or you lost the password of your windows, you can perform a factory reset on your dell laptop to reset it to the default factory configuration. Detail steps as follow:

1. Warning! To avoid making any important data lost, you should back up your personal data on Dell laptop before resetting the laptop to factory settings. If you cannot get into your windows, you can use a Windows PE disk to get into your computer and back up your personal data.

2. When power on Dell laptop, press F8 until the Advanced Boot Options menu appears, use Up and Down key to choose Repair Your Computer, and then press Enter to continue.

3. Select a language and click "Next" to go on.

4. Login a user account who has administrator right. If you have forgotten the login password, you can try to use software reset password for Dell laptop.

5. Click Dell Factory Image Restore.

6. On the Dell Factory Image Restore field, click "Next".

7. Check reformat hard drive and restore system software to factory condition option.

8. Click Next to reset the dell laptop to factory setting.


2. Perform a password reset on Dell laptop when forget password.

If you just forget the login password and your windows can start correctly, you can recover the forgotten password instead of perform a factory reset on your laptop. You can reset or recover your laptop password with the password disk or a third party software easily. For more detail, see I forgot the password to my laptop how to get in.



Dell restore system to factory setting

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