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How to perform a factory reset on acer laptop

This article explain how to reset your acer laptop or computer to factory settings. When your windows system (Windows 8/7/vista/xp) does not start correctly, or you feel your system does not run perfectly, you can factory reset your comptuer to get a new system which work perfectly on your computer.

Warming! Factory reset will deleted all partition on computer, and erase all personal on the computer, so you should back up your data before performing a factory reset on your computer.

Two way to perform a factory reset on your Acer laptop:
1. Factory reset Acer laptop from Windows

2. Factory reset Acer laptop from hard dirve


1. Factory reset Acer laptop from Windows

If you can get into your acer computer, you can follow this way to reset your acer computer to factory setting.

1. Login windows and back your personal data.

2. Start -> All programs -> Acer -> click Acer eRecovery Management to run it. If you are using windows 8 system, you can type in Acer eRecovery Management on search box to find Acer eRecovery Management program.

3. When Acer eRecovery Management starts, click Restore, and then click Completely Restore System to Factory Defaults.

4. When the program asks if you want to Restore System to Factory Defaults Setting, click Yes, and then click Start. The computer will restart.

5. The computer restarts, and you just follow the wizard to click a few next to recover the computer to factory configuration.

2. Factory reset Acer laptop from hard dirve

If your windows crash and it cannot start, you can try this way to reset it to the factory state.

1. Back up your personal data on acer computer. You can create a windows xp pe disk and use it to get into your computer to back up you data.

2. Restart your acer laptop or power on it. When Acer logo appears, pree left Alt, and the F10 keys.

3. When Microsoft Windows boot screen appears, press Enter.

4. When Acer eRecovery Management start, click Restore.

5. The recovery program will prompt that all data on the computer will be erased. Click Next.

6. Click Next to begin a factory reset process on your computer. This process will take about 30 minutes.

7. When the restore is complete, the computer will restart and install the Acer applications and driver for the windows.


Reloading your Acer computer

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