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Where can I Get Password Reset Disk for Windows 8

"I forgot my windows 8 login password on my laptop, where can i get the password reset disk for windows 8?" - Somebody usually asks me that question.

Many people know that a password reset disk can reset password for user account if forget its password, however many people don't have a reset disk when they forget their windows login password, and have a question that how to get a win 8 password reset disk when lost login password.

Case 1: If you can login your windows 8 with an user account who has administrator privilege, you are luckily, you can follow this guide to create password disk. See Create a password reset disk. And you can use the password reset disk to reset the password if forget it, see http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/reset-windows-password#1TC=windows-7. If your windows is windows 8, see http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/what-do-forget-windows-password#1TC=windows-8

Case 2: Forgot windows 8 password and have no reset disk. If your windows is windows 8 and you have a microsoft live account, you may get your password back via the live account. Refer to http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/what-do-forget-windows-password#1TC=windows-8. If you don't have a reset disk or cannot get the password back via microsoft live account, you can try the following way to create a third party password reset disk with software.

Here shows you how to create a password reset disk with Asunsoft Windows Password Geeker:

Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Geeker on another computer.

Step 2: Choose USB Device or CD/DVD and then follow the wizard to create a password boot disk.

Tips: For step by step guide to create a password disk with software and reset password, you can refer to Windows Password Geeker Guide.


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