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What to Do When Forgetting Password? Lenovo ThinkPad

Lenovo ThinkPad enjoys a high reputation for its characteristics of solid and reliable and becomes the king in the notebook industry. It adopts various methods to protect the security of ThinkPad among which password is one most commonly used. To lock ThinkPad, four types of passwords are available. They are BIOS password, power-on password, Windows login password, and hard drive password respectively. They are all may be needed for any ThinkPad Computer. So in this article, we will discuss what to do when we forgetting Lenovo ThinkPad password from the four perspectives one by one.

What to Do When Forgetting Lenovo ThinkPad BIOS Password

BIOS (Basic input output system) setup utility is a program solidified to the computer motherboard ROM chip, whose function is to provide the most basic and most direct hardware setup and control. BIOS password is to protect the system information stored in it. The user must input BIOS password to get access to BIOS setup utility to change the system configuration. If you forgot your BIOS password, take it easy, it is not that serious, here I’d like to offer three ways for you to remove BIOS password.
Option 1: Discharge
You can reset BIOS password easily and conveniently just by opening your computer case and take out the lithium battery from the mainboard. Leave it alone for about 5 to 10 minutes, and then put it in again. Start your computer and the password will be wiped out automatically. But this practice may shorten the span of the computer.

Option 2: Debug Command
Generally, we can access and change CMOS through 70H and 71H ports, so the easiest way is to remove all the settings to make it back to default settings. You can use debug command to remove CMOS settings, which is an external command of DOS and can be found under the directory of C: Windows\Command. You start your computer and enter the MS-DOS environment and input the following Debug command and press Enter.
-o 70 21
-o 71 20
-o 70 10
-o 70 01
Then you restart your ThinkPad, you will found BIOS password removed.

Option 3: Ask for Default Password from Manufacturers
You can directly contact the computer manufacturer or mother manufacturer for resetting BIOS password.

What to Do When Forgetting Lenovo ThinkPad Power-on Password

Setting a power-on password can effectively protect the system from unauthorized power-on. It will ask you to input the power-on password each time you power on your ThinkPad. If you forgot it, you cannot power on your computer at all. Then I’m afraid you only have two options: to discharge or to ask manufacturer for help to reset or remove your power-on password. So just be cautious.

What to Do When Forgetting ThinkPad Login Password

Windows login password, also called Windows password, is the most commonly used password. It is quite familiar to us. But if you forgot your login password, it becomes a little trouble. But don’t worry because you have quite abundant choices to reset. You can reset your forgotten login password from Control Panel if there is another administrator account in your ThinkPad. Or reset with cmd.exe command or lusrmgr.msc command if there is a user account without administrator privileges. Or else you can boot your computer from Safe Mode. Or even you can reinstall your system. Besides, you can also choose to reset with Asunsoft Windows Password Geeker – professional and reliable password reset tool with no requirements and no damage.

What to Do When Forgetting ThinkPad Hard Drive Disk Password

Hard Drive Disk password has two forms: Master password for the system administrator and User password for the user. If you forgot your hard drive disk password, you may lose access to your hard drive. Before you worry about that, you can first make sure whether there is a master password. If it has, then you can still access to your hard drive because the administrator can access to the hard drive with master password no matter a user forgot or changed the user password or not. If there is no master password or you forgot your master password, I guess you have to find other ways to crack.