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Is There a Default Password for Windows Server 2008 r2 Administrator?

March 09, 2014 9:44 AM / Posted by to Password Recovery
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Hello. Is there a default password for Windows Server 2008 r2? I forgot the password to administrator account of my HP Proliant server and cannot get into without password. Now I need a password to get into my computer or reset it to factory mode.

Answer to this question:

1. There is no default password for Windows server 2008 (r2). You will be asked to set a password to administrator account when you install windows server 2008, and administrator account only have one password. So if you forget the password for administrator account, the administrator account is locked. However, if you have the password for another account with administrator privilege, you can login windows 2008 with that account, and change the password for administrator account. See How to change a password for user account on windows server 2008.

2. Although there is no a default password for windows server 2008, however there are many program for resetting or recovering forgotten password. Asunsoft Windows Password Geeker is a professional program which you can get and have a try. It can help you create a windows 2008 password boot disk, boot your computer and reset the forgotten password in a few minutes. Please see Step by step guide to use Windows Password Geeker.


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