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How to Promote a Standard User Account to Administrator Account

Case may be that you cannot login to your administrator account because it has become corrupted. Though you may still have access to your computer with additional standard user account, you lost your access to files under the corrupted administrator account.

Then is there any effective way to solve this kind of problem wisely? Of course we do. We can help you promote your standard user account to administrator account to regain your administrative privileges with Asunsoft.

To promote the existing standard user account to administrator account, you have to do like the followings:
First of all, prepare yourself an available USB flash drive or CD/DVD disk and another internet connected computer you can access to.

Then, download the Asunsoft Windows Password Geeker Professional and install it on the computer. Insert the USB or CD/DVD into the computer. Start the software, when its main interface shows, you select the USB Device or CD/DVD as media type to burn and then continue selecting your drive name from the pull-down list. Hit Begin Burning to start burning to create a bootable disk.

Next, transfer the created USB or CD/DVD bootable disk into your target computer. Start your computer and press BIOS key as soon as possible to get into the BIOS SETUP table, change the device boot order to make your computer boot from the USB or CD/DVD reset disk.

Lastly, after you booting from the disk, the Asunsoft program launches automatically, it will display a list of all local user accounts on the screen. You choose one of your standard user accounts and click Reset Password button. Click Yes when you are prompted to confirm your operations. Then the program will remove your current password to your standard user account and promote your account to administrator quickly.

Click Reboot button to restart your computer and eject the USB or CD/DVD, you can login to your Windows without a password. After logging, you successfully regain your administrative privileges and perform any administrative task as before.