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How to get a password reset disk for windows 7

This guide shows you how to get a windows 7 password reset disk.

Solution 1: Create a windows 7 password reset disk with Windows build-in tool. This require you have a account to login your system with administrator privilege. For step by step guide, see Create a password reset disk.

Solution 2: Get (create) a password reset disk with password tool.

If you forgot windows 7 password and have on reset disk, you cannot use the solution 1 to create a reset disk, however you can use the password software to create a password reset disk on another computer. Many password programs can help to create a password boot disk. If you have no idea which one is the best one for you, I recommend you download Asunsoft Windows Password Geeker and have a try. It can help you create a boot disk and reset password for Windows 7 or other windows in a few steps. For more detail, see Windows Password Geeker Guide.


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