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Hitachi Hard Disk Data Recovery

Don't we have methods to get the lost important files back? Or lost files are unable to access? No, don't worry! With a Data Recovery software, you can never be afraid of losing files permanently. Hitachi Hard Disk Data Recovery is a very useful tool for us to restore lost data. Only if your files isn't lost by physical disruption and the place where your lost files in isn't overwritten by adding new data, can we use the Hitachi Hard Disk Data Recovery to get the lost files back.

Features of Hitachi Hard Disk Data Recovery

» Support to recover different formats, including photos, video, music, office, etc.

» Support to restore data from SSD, Seagate Hard Drive, memory card, Western Digital Hard Disk, etc.

» Easy to use.

» Safely and completely recover lost files caused by accidental deletion, partition, formatting, software crash, virus attack or other reasons.

User Guide

Step 1. Get Hitachi Hard Disk Data Recovery. Download this program from its official website. Install and run it on your computer.

hitachi data recovery

Step 2. Choose an appropriate Recovery. Every Mode has a detailed introduction when you click it in the interface of Hitachi Hard Disk Data Recovery. For example, click Deleted Recovery, the interface of Hitachi Hard Disk Data Recovery will show "Delete Recovery can recover all deleted files including photos, video, music and more from a partition and removable media." You choose the one most suitable for your situation and then click "Next" button to go on.

hitachi data recovery

Step 3. Scan your Hitachi hard disk. Choose the partition or drive where you lost files in and click "Scan" button to find out the deleted files you want to recover.

hitachi data recovery

Step 4. Recover the deleted files you want to recovery. Select the files in the list which you want to recover and click "Recover". Notes: When it asks you to select a destination to save your recovered files, don't save recovered files to the partition where the lost files in. After several minutes of recovering, it will prompt you that Recovery is finished. Then you have successfully performed Hitachi hard disk data recovery.

hitachi hard disk data recovery

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