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Ways to Find Back Your Win 7 Login Password

Forgetting Windows login password is really a headache, without it, you cannot login to your system, access to the Internet and cannot view important files in your computer. You can do nothing but anxious? No worry! Now I’d like to solve the problem by providing several ways to find back Windows 7 login password for your reference.

Reset Win 7 Password with Built-in Administrator Account

Situation: This is a simple way which can be used in common and general situations.
Start your Windows normally, when it comes to the welcoming screen, it will show you an alert box to enter your username and password. You press Ctrl + Alt + Delete, and an account window will pop up, you type administrator in the username box and leave the password box blank. Then press Enter. After you login in, you can regain access to your Windows 7.

Remove Win 7 Password with Command Prompt

Situation: What if your built-in administrator account has a password and you don’t its password? Then remove your forgotten password with command prompt.
1. Start your Windows 7 and press F8 key as soon as possible to enter Safe Mode.
2. You choose Safe Mode with Command Prompt.
3. When Command Prompt window pops up, choose Administrator.
4. Type in the command to add a new user: “net user xxxx/add”.
5. Type in the command to promote the newly added user to administrator level: “net localgroup administrator xxxx/add”.
6. Restart your computer, and choose the newly added account xxxx to login in.
7. Then you can remove your forgotten password from Control Panel >> User Accounts and Family Safety >> User Accounts. And then remove your forgotten password.

Reset Win 7 Password from Local Users and Groups

Situation: If you forgot your Win 7 login password but you can still in your system, you can do the following operations.
1. Click Start button, type in “mmc.exe” in the search box and press Enter to enter console.
2. When the console window shows, you click File on the top left corner and select the item Add or Remove Snap-ins.
3. In the left pane of Add or Remove Snap-ins window, you find and click the Local Users and Groups. And then click Add button and later Finish button. And last click OK. Then you will see the item Local Users Groups is added to the window of Console.
4. Double click Local Users and Groups, select Users and all the usernames are listed on the right. You right click the username you forgot its password and choose Set password item.
5. Click Proceed to continue, and when the Set Password window appears, you input the new password and confirm it and click OK. It won’t ask you for your original password here.

Reset Win 7 Password with WinPE disk

Situation: If you are locked out of your computer because you forgot your login password, then the following method suits for you.
1. Find yourself a WinPE disk and boot your locked computer from PE disk.
2. When your computer booted from WinPE disk, locate yourself to the directory of windowssystem32 under the C drive letter. That is C: windowssystem32.
2.1 Change the possessor of Magnify.exe and cmd.exe as administrators.
2.2 Change the authority of magnify.exe and cmd.exe to administrators’ full control.
2.3 Rename Manify.exe as manify.exe1 and the cmd.exe as Manify.exe.
3. Now you can reset your forgotten password.
3.1 Restart your Windows 7.
3.2 Enable Magnify glass.
3.3 Input command “net user” to check usernames and input command “net user username new password” to reset password is ok. And then close the command prompt window. And later you can login with your new password. But do remember one point to change previously changed files back to original ones.

The above several ways can be adopted in different situations. You can choose one of them according to your own situation when you forgot your Windows 7 password. Sincerely hope one of them can solve your problem and help you easily get into your Windows 7.