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Solution to the Prompt Question: To Continue, Type in the Administrator Password

Generally, Windows provide more than one user accounts in every Windows system, but they have different rights. Standard user account allows you to login to your Windows, while administrator account have privileges to install software, change some of the more dangerous settings and manage other users’ login passwords.

Then I bet you must have encountered such an occasion that when you are trying to install a certain program, a prompt window pops up read “To continue, type in the administrator password, and then click Yes.” Even more irritating is that you try to ignore it and want to close the window, but it won’t work either, it prompts you again. Do you know why it prompts you so persistently? Do you think that it must be something wrong with your computer? No way out with it? In this article, I’d like to offer the solution to it for you.

When this occasion happens, the cause of this phenomenon may be that the administrator account was accidentally disabled in the current system (but it is also possible that the program you gonna install is disabled). Then how to enable the administrator account again? Let’s see.


1. Restart your computer and enter Safe Mode (Press F8 key to enter Safe Mode if you run
Windows 7; If you run Windows 8, then please refer to How to Start Windows 8 in Safe Mode). Then login with Administrator account.
2. Right click My Computer, select Manage to open Computer Management window.
3. In the left pane, double click to choose Local Users and Groups and then select Users.
4. Right click your administrator account and select Properties item.

5. You can see that the item Account is disabled is chosen by a tick. You remove the tick in the checkbox before the item Account is disabled and click OK.

You restart your computer, and it will never prompt you to type in administrator password any more.

There isn’t Local User and Groups there in home edition system. But if such an occasion appears on home edition system, you can start your system in Safe Mode, and login with administrator. Run Command Prompt to enable administrator account by typing command like “net user administrator /active: yes”.