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2 Most Efffective and Handy Tips You Have to Know in Case You Forgot Windows Password

October 22, 2013 10:47 AM / Posted by to Password Recovery
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Windows allows users following principles to set a secure login password consisting of various numbers, characters and symbols, etc. to guard the computer security fully. Considerately enough, Windows have also taken the situation that some users may forget their complex password into consideration, and have made some corresponding precautions to make up. So in case of forgetting your Windows password, besides you yourself can take it down to a notebook or store it on your cellphone, you can make full use of features in Windows itself.

Two effective and handy tips you have to know in case of forgetting Windows password becoming a troubl,. You can set a password hint to help you recall your Windows password or create a password reset disk in advance to reset password easily when you forgot.

1. Set a Windows Password Hint

In case of forgetting Windows login password, Windows allow users to set a password hint so that users can get some clues to recall their forgotten password. Thus, we can make use of this featuer conveniently. But if your computer is on domain (Active Directory), it doesn't support creating a password hint.
When we set a password hint, we are bound to create a hint highly related with the current password and quite unique and effective to recall. But what needs attention is that it is not wise to create one too easy for others to guess.

2. Create a Windows Password Reset Disk in Advance

After a long time of no use of password hint, we may not be able to associate our login password with the password hint any longer and we may neglect or despise the password hint we set. Under this situation, we can turn to create a Windows password reset disk. Compared with the former, it is safer and can help you regain access 100%. You can create one instantly you create a Windows login password in the following steps:
1. Click Start button, choose Control Panel, User Accounts and Family Safety and further User Accounts.
2. On the left pane, click Create a password reset disk.
3. Then a Forgotten Password Wizard window pops up, you insert a USB flash drive and click Next to continue.
4. Choose your corresponding USB you plan to use it to create the password reset disk and click Next.
5. Enter your current password and click Next. When it is 100% completed, you click Finish.
After you created one, you put it away. And one day you forgot your login password, you can reset your password with the password reset disk easily and quickly. It can be repeatedly used without limitation.

Having known these two small tips, you can effectively reduce the possibility of forgetting your password or the pain of forgetting your password. Even though you have forgotten your password eventually, you still must know that there are a world of Windows password recovery tools that can help, such as Asunsoft Windows Password Geeker. So still no need to be panic.