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The Door to Computer Security – Password Protection

The appearance of new Windows security holes less than a week of repair may arouse panicness among users. Then how can we protect the security of the system on earth? In fact, we can take lot of measures to make our OS more secure, among which the first one should be setting a secure password. Now here in this article introduces how to take advantage of login password to safeguard the computer security at the first layer.

Set a Password Hint in Case of Forgetting

Windows allows users to create a password hint with which help remind users of their password. You can create such a password hint like the followings:

1. Click StartControl PanelUser Accounts.

2. Select your account → select Change your password or Create a password if you didn’t set a password before.

3. Input your current password if you have set → input new password → confirm your new password → type a password hint for your new password.

After you have created a password hint, when forgetting login password happens one day, you can click the "?" on the right of password hint to get some clue to recall your password.

Create a Password Reset Disk in Advance

If you worry that password hint won’t work for you, no worry, Windows provides another option – to create a password reset disk.

1. Insert a USB flash drive, later click StartControl PanelUser Accounts.

2. On the left pane, click "Create a password reset disk".

3. When a "Forgotten Password Wizard" window appears, click "Next" and then select your USB name from pull-down list, click "Next" again to continue.

4. Type your current password in the box and click "Next". Then a short time later, you successfully create a password reset disk.

After you created such a password reset disk, you put it in a safe place in case of coming in handy one day.

Turn to Users with Administrator Privileges for Help

If you forgot your Windows login password and didn’t create a password reset disk, there are still ways to solve this problem. It is better if there is another user account with administrator privileges, then you can login that administrator account and reset password for other user account easily.

1. Click StartControl PanelUser Accounts.

2. Choose Manage another account.

3. Select your account → Change your password.

4. Input your new password twice and click "Change password" to confirm the operation.

Set Combined Keys "Ctrl + Alt + Delete" to Login More Safely

The setting of pressing "Ctrl + Alt + Delete" before login can effectively protect your computer from attack of some Trojan Horse for it imitating the Windows login screen to induce users inputting their user name and password.

1. You login with administrator account, click StartControl PanelUser Accounts.

2. Select "Advanced" tab → choose "Security Login" item → select "Require user press Ctrl + Alt + Delete" in the check box.

3. Click "Ok" button.

Use Keyboard to Lock Your System When You’re Away

When you have to leave your office table, you only press three keys to lock your computer to guarantee the security of it. If your computer has been login to the domain, you only press combined keys "Ctrl + Alt + Delete" and then click "Lock the Computer". Then your computer gets locked. And when you are back, you press that three combined keys again and then input your password to login your Windows again.

There are more other small tricks to protect your computer better. You can set your computer to lock automatically under situations of screen saver, system hang or sleep mode when you forget to lock your system during your short leave.