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How Much Do You Know About Computer Password

How much do you know about computer password? A password is a secret word or string of characters used for user authentication to provide identification or access approval to gain access to a resource. Conventionally, many people thought that setting password is something exclusively for skilled computer operator. That’s not true. Let’s know something more about computer password.

Password Types

1. BIOS Password or CMOS password. It is one of the most secure methods of password protecting a computer as the computer will not allow it to be boot unless the password is known.

2. Screen Saver Password. Adding a Microsoft screen saver password can help protect your computer when you are not at the computer temporarily.

3. Windows Login Password. Login password can be divided into administrator password and general user account password. It can protect your computer from being invaded by others without authorization.

4. Third-Party Password. Several third – party programs can set a password to protect the computer. It can be set when these programs has been installed.

Among the four types of password, the setting and removing of “Screen Saver Password” is the easiest. The crack of File and Network password is the most difficult one and the BIOS (CMOS) password worth computer users to explore most.

Creating a Computer Password

To Create a BIOS or CMOS Password

1. Start the computer and press Del key to enter SETUP table when the bottom of the screen appears a hint "Press DEL to enter SETUP".

2. Then you can see several password set related items like "BIOS FEATURES SETUP" "SUPERVISOR PASSWORD" "USER PASSWORD", and you can choose one of them, press Enter key to set.

3. After you choose supervisor or user password and press Enter, it will prompt you to input a password, you input and press Enter. Later you input again to confirm is ok.

4. Note: all your settings take effects only when they are saved when exit. (Press F10 to save or Select "SAVE & EXIT SETUP")

To Set a Windows Screen Saver Password

1. You click Start button and choose Control Panel.

2. When you enter Control Panel window, you double click the Appearance and Personalization Icon and then click Change Screen Saver tab.

3. Then you set the screen saver you wish to use and fix time intervals for Windows to wait until it displays that screen saver.

4. Lastly you click OK button is done.

To Create an Windows Network Password

1. Click Start button and choose Control Panel.

2. When you enter Control Panel window, you choose "User Accounts and Family Safety" and then select Add or remove user accounts to choose "Create a new account".

3. Then you will prompt to name the account and choose an account type.

4. After you create the user account, you select that account and create a password for it.

To Create a Password in Third – Party Passwords

A third – party password is easy to set once those programs have been installed, a user should be prompted to enter and enable a password on the computer.

Removing a Computer Password

To Remove a BIOS or CMOS password

To remove your BIOS or CMOS password, you must know the password. Enter BIOS SETUP table, choose the "SUPERVIOR PASSWORD" or "USER PASSWORD" and press Enter. When it prompts "Enter Password", you directly press Enter key without input any password. And then the screen will show you a hint "PASSWORD DISABLED".

To Remove Screen Saver Password

To remove your screen saver password, you do it just same as creating a screen saver password. The only difference is that the 3rd step when choose the screen saver pattern, here you choose “None” is ok and other items will become gray.

To Remove Login Password

To remove login password, if you still remember your current password you can change or remove it easily in the Control Panel. Also enter the Control Panel window, select "User Accounts and Family Safety" icon and then select "User Accounts". Then you can see 3 items you can choose from, you choose "Remove your password". You input your current password and click "Remove Password" is ok. But if you have forgotten your password and are locked out of your computer, then you have to find other ways to reset your forgotten password.

To Remove Third – Party Password

For the diversity of third – party programs available to password protecting the computer, it is highly recommended to contact the manufacture of the program used to protect the computer for information on how to clear or remove the password.