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Ten Principles to Set a Secure Computer Password

In the process of using a computer, we deal with passwords. We all clearly know the meaning of a password, so if your password is easily guessed out or cracked, your important materials and personal privacy have the risk of being leaked. So we can say that setting a secure password is something closely related with all of us. Then you may wonder how to set a secure enough password on earth. Now in this article, we will introduce ten principles to set a secure password.

First, As Long As Possible

Generally, when you are setting a password, the basic requirement of the length would be not shorter than 6 characters, which means a password less than 6 characters can be cracked most easily. The most common way to crack a password is brute force whose typical practice is to perform permutation and combination of possible characters. They test one by one till find the correct one. So the increase of the length of our password means the increase the difficulty of permutation and combination and the reduction of possibility of being cracked. Thus the longer the password is, the securer it is. Even if it is a password more than 6 repetitive characters.

Second, As Strange As Possible

This principle aims at reminding those users who tend to adopt their name, nickname, birthdate, phone number or other characters they frequently used as their password for convenience to remember. In fact, this is not a wise practice. If someone who is quite familiar with you, these information are well-known to them as well. It is with high risk of being cracked as long as they roughly note when you type your password. If you worry your password will be too strange for yourself to remember, you can add one or two characters only known to yourself in the front of or at the end of the password.

Third, As Complex As Possible

A password with pure numbers, letters or repetitive a same character with a considerable length seems quite difficult to be cracked, in fact, it is not true. A password consisting with pure numbers or letters can be easily cracked compared with a password mixing with letters, numbers and other various symbols. It would be secure to use capital and small letters simultaneously and alternately.

Fourth, In Verse Order

Generally, people are accustomed to setting a password following the order from the smallest to largest, starting from a, b, c, d or 1, 2, 3, which is just right fit the brute force cracking sequence. That’s why if we set our password in inverse order and begin from z or other backwards characters will reduce the cracking possibility.

Fifth, Familiar but Not Easy-to-Foget Password

The former principles have mentioned that the longer, the more complex a password is, the securer it is to guard against hackers, but meanwhile such a password will bring trouble for ourselves to remember.  Actually needn’t have such worry, we can find a plan that satisfies both claims. When we set a password, we can use characters familiar to us and add certain fixed characters in the front of the password or at the end of the password. Or we can also combine contents we are familiar with to create a password, such as a password consisting of our nickname and the last four number of our cellphone number and so on. In this way, the contents of the password is familiar to us and not that easy-to-forget and others are not that easy to guess.

Sixth, Never Use the Same Password

In the actual use of computer, there are more than one place needs a password. Email address, MSN, or other various accounts ask for a password to login. It would be desperately dangerous to adopt one same password wherever, especially for MSN. In that way, if some people find one of the passwords, then all other precautions perform practically no function. If you do want to adopt one same password in all situations, you can be more flexible, for example, Asunsoft is your usually used password, and you can set msnAsunsoft as the password for your MSN account and Asunsoft2014 as the password for your sina email address.

Seventh, Change Password Regularly

This point cannot be underestimated as well. Because no matter how complex your password is, it can be cracked as long as time is abundant. Thus forming a good habit to change password regularly is very important. It’s not that troublesome as we imagine, for example, you can change your MSN password msnAsunsoft to Asunsoftmsn, just like this way.

Eighth, Never Have the System Remember Your Password

Having set a complex password, people may not that patient to type it again and again whenever they have to login, thus many people tend to set to save the password automatically when input their password for convenience. But we have to recognize that this is a really dangerous practice for that hacker can easily see the password as long as they download related view software.

Ninth, Input Password in Correct Manners

Inputting password correctly is primarily to prevent our computer in Trojan horse, if it is in, then the password we input will be taken down exactly. Thus, on one hand we have to check whether our computer is in the Trojans and viruses regularly, and on the other hand, we can input our password in a correct manner to prevent, such as when we input user name and password, we can input some characters casually after we input our user name to mislead others. Or we can also input password first and user name later and so on.

Tenth, Self Awareness of the Most Importance

There is no absolutely secure password out there and we cannot guarantee 100% security no matter what a password we set. Above all, we should raise and strengthen the safety awareness of our own while strengthen the complexity of our password. Only thus can we avoid the happen of accidents as much as possible.