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How Much Do You Know About Password Rules and Recover it

In the process of our operation, peeping or stealing others’ password is immoral and unwarrantable. But cases may be that, in our daily computer operations, we have to input various passwords frequently such as Windows power-on password, other account passwords and son on. So it is easy for people to forget some of those passwords resulting to lose access to our computer, files or accounts. At these moments, we may have to recover the forgotten password to regain access to our resources legitimately. So how much do you know about password recovery rules?

SYSTEM Password

If you have forgotten SYSTEM password in CMOS setup, you are not able to start the computer. Under this circumstance, the only way to remove is to open up the computer case, take out the compute battery and put it back after several minutes to discharge CMOS. After that, all contents in CMOS including password will be wiped out and you can reset password after restart computer.

SETUP Password

If you have forgotten SETUP password, you cannot proceed to the CMOS setup. If you still can operate the computer but has no access to CMOS setup, then you can do this way: boot DEBUG under DOS mode and then type the following command to clear SETUP password manually:

Besides, you can also adopt CMOS password software to reveal CMOS password, such as Cmospwd. Start the software under DOS mode and then CMOS password will be shown.

Windows Login Password

Windows Me/98: Start your computer and press F8 key as soon as possible and then select DOS mode to boot. Then you delete *.PWL password files under the Windows installation directory and all files under Profiles subdirectory files. After that you restart Windows, Windows will pop up a password box without any user names, and you needn’t input any contents, click Enter is ok.

Windows XP/2000:Delete SAM files under system installation directory system32config, and then restart your computer, you will found that you can login to administrator account directly without any password. You can reset password for login account after re-access to your Windows now.

Windows Screen Saver Password

If you forgot your Windows screen saver password, that’s quite easy. You start your computer and press F8 key as soon as possible, choose Safe Mode to start. When you are in Windows, right click the desktop space and choose Properties and later screen saver to cancel password protection is ok.

Windows Power Management Password

Windows power management function allows you to set a password as well. If this function is enabled, you will be asked a password when the Windows resuming from a power-saving state. If you have forgotten this password, you can recover the same way as Windows login password.

Microsoft Office Password

If you have forgotten Office password, you can use software exclusive to recover the Office series document password. Such software is in quite large amount like Asunsoft Office Password Geeker, this software can be equally used to recover password for Microsoft Office series like Word, Excel and Access and so on. You can see this help: Five-in-one Tool to Recover Password for Microsoft Office.

QQ/ICQ Password

To protect your QQ password, you’d better apply for password protection as soon as possible. But if you have forgotten your QQ password or your QQ password has been stolen, you can get your password back only filling in some correct information.

If you want to find back your ICQ password, you can use ICQPasswordRevealer which is a DOS command line utility. You only need to execute the file under the subfolder of ICQ installation file NEWDB and then input your UIN following the screen hint, and the system will find your ICQ password back automatically.

OE Password

Forgot your OE password and lost access to all your emails and contacts in Out Look Express? Then do this way: Press F8 key as soon as you restart your computer and choose Safe Mode. When your computer is in Safe Mode, you can enter your OE without a password any longer. And you can add a new email account to lead in your emails.

Foxmail Account Password

If you forgot your Foxmail account password, you have to remove its password like the followings. Run the Foxmail and add a new account with whatever account name like Lacy, then exit Foxmail. Run the Windows Explorer by pressing Win + E and locate a file named Foxmail MAILLacy, open it and copy “account.stg” to the directory of the account you forgot its password to cover the original “account.stg” file. Then run Foxmail again, now you can directly open the account you forgot its password and all your former emails are still there.

Check “*” Password

Many passwords on the screen are shown as “*” and we are not allowed to see the original characters of the password directly. But if you adopt an especial software to find “*” password, you can easily see the original characters of those passwords. You first open the window with “*”, start software, press Ctrl key and press the left mouse button in the password field, and the original characters of the password show.