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A Small Talk of Operating System Account Passwords

As the initial line of defense in our daily lives, especially our Internet lives, password can make or break a person’s overall level of security. Small as a password looks, it has a lot for you to learn.

Now let’s have a small talk of Operating System account passwords from roughly four perspectives to learn something more about password.

The Importance of Password

Username aims to confirm user authentication for the system. Your computer cannot see you or hear you, it cannot recognize whether it is its owner that are using it. And account password becomes the key to prove your computer that the user has the right to use. Some users take his or her files for granted or hold the concept that his or her file having nothing too private to show others. So they choose a password casually. But they don’t know it is a highly dangerous practice just as you not locking your door when you are out. There are many loopholes and hidden dangers in the Windows, once the system is invaded by hackers or other people with unjustifiable intentions, they will take chance to access or steal important data in your system. Generally, users tend to create an easily remembered and crackable password once and use it everywhere. While security professionals can enforce policy on a password’s length, expiration and use of character types, only a very small number of wise and cautious users can truly create strong passwords that they will remember and avoid using everywhere. Therefore, setting a strong password that is in line with certain password principles is the responsibility of every system users. You also can learn more password principles: Ten Password Principles to Set a Secure Computer Password.

The Basis for Ensuring the Password Security

1. Never tell others your password except your family or your intimate and trustworthy friend.

2. Never write your password down in whatever situations.

3. Select one password not easy to be guessed.

4. Once you doubt that somebody may know your password, change it immediately.

The Improvements You Can Make on Password Security

1. Make your password long and complex enough. One of the most used tricks of hackers is brute force. So the longer and more complex your password is, the more difficult and time-taking it is for hackers to crack. To make it long is easy. You can make your password more than 6 characters long. To make it complex, you can mix up letters with upper case and lower case, numbers and special characters together.

2. Never use your password repeatedly. Using one password across sites is a very dangerous practice. As long as hackers know your password and apply it to your other accounts one by one, you can imagine the results. It is difficult for user to remember all unique passwords across every site, but you can change the password flexibly according to the account it is applied to so that every password is similar only differ a little.

3. Change your password regularly. No matter how long and complex your password is, as long as hackers have enough time, it can be cracked. So it is better to form a habit to change your password regularly. If you worry that you cannot remember your newly changed password, just like what I mentioned in the above point, you can make small changes flexibly based on the original password.

The Ways to Reset Forgotten Password

Things are ambivalent and unpredictable. While users pursue the security of password, they may have the risk of forgetting our password. If forgot your Operating System account password, no panic, there are options for you.

1. Reset forgotten account password by any other accessible accounts. It can be standard user account and administrator account would be better and easier. If it is another administrator account accessible, you can easily reset your forgotten user password from Control Panel. If you can access to other user account, you can run lusrmgr.msc command to open User and Groups window to reset forgotten password. Both are quite easy.
2. Reset forgotten account password by Asunsoft. Asunsoft Windows Password Geeker is professional, reliable and powerful password reset software. It can reset password under whatever situations having no preconditions to meet. It only requires you to prepare another accessible computer and an available USB flash drive or CD/DVD disk which everyone can make it.