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Reduce the Possibility of Laptop Stealing or the Pain in Case of Losing Your Laptop

Compared with traditional desktop, nowadays laptop has occupied larger proportion among users for its portability. Just because of this, it becomes the targets for thieves especially in public places such as school, hotel or exhibition hall. If your laptop lost accidentally, it may cause great loss if the data in it has been accessed, changed or deleted. Losing laptop for somebody is just money loss, but for somebody is more than that when they keep important data and materials in their laptop, which are more valued than the laptop itself.

So in case your laptop is lost or stolen someday (to some degree, the possibility is quite high), you can make some precautions to reduce the risk being stolen or at least the pain when it is lost. Now here are four tips.

Tips One: Get Your Laptop Physically Locked

The first line of defense is to reduce the possibility of being stolen. To prevent being stolen, you can physically lock your laptop when you are away and cannot take your computer with you. Generally, every laptop on the market is equipped with a small lock slot which allows users to lock their laptop with laptop locks just the way similar lock your bicycle with chain locks to a certain immovable and large objects.

If you lock your laptop with laptop locks, it can be unlocked only with the key or even asking for password to unlock. You can get such locks in notebook exclusive store. The advantages of it is easy to operate and cheap price. But if a thief is resolved to take it away, it only prolong the time for the thief to get it.

Tips Two: Use Mobile Sensor Alarm

Besides laptop locks, you can use more gentle one, mobile sensor alarm. I bet everyone is familiar with the sound of car alarm on the street, as long as the car stopped on the road side receives knock or even big sound, it will get alarmed. Common with car alarm, you can use a burglar alarm install a burglar alarm on the bottom of our laptop to protect our laptop from being stolen. As long as someone attempts to illegally move the laptop, it will spread harsh alarm sound to raise others’ attention and scare away the thief. If you yourself want to move our laptop, you only insert the key to the alarm and can move it.

Tips Three: Select a Theft Aware

There emerges various theft aware out there on the market. Here only introduce one quite well-known, Anti-Theft. When it detects that a theft attempts to move the laptop, it will not only send out alarm signal but also encrypt saved files and locked the computer at the BIOS level. In this way, it keeps theft from using it. The software can detect the delicate differences between the owner’s movement and the theft’s movement to identify whether it is being stolen.

Tips Four: Back up Your Data

When you store some important data in our laptop, especially if you are a businessman, losing the laptop may be not that bad but the data in it make you much sadder. In order to avoid this happen, it is a good idea to back up the data in your computer whenever you remember to do that. Or else it is also wise to keep sensitive documents off portable machines and drives entirely if possible.
To back up your documents, I recommend using professional cloud-based backup services such as Dropbox or Mozy. Such cloud-based backup services are much more convenient because they allow you to access to the files you backed up anywhere with Internet.

There are more precautionary steps you can take to protect your laptop and the data in your computer, such as install tracking software to track your stolen laptop, never store important password on your laptop, or get insurance for your laptop and so on. Taking these precautions may not prevent your laptop from being stolen or lost, but it can greatly reduce the possibility of being stolen or the pain of losing your laptop if you have backed up your data.

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