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4 Ways to Find Gmail Account Password If Lost It

Gmail palys a very important role in Google usage. It is just like any other mail services that when you register one gmail account you are asked to set a password to protect its security. And smarter a password you set, the less easily your account will be hacked. While, on the other hand, it is usually difficult for people to remember a strong password. Once the login password is forgotten or lost you can not access your gmail account. So this article explains 4 different ways to find gmail account password if lost it.

Way 1: Use your secondary email address to reset password

In the process of registering your gmail account you were required to enter another associated email address. Once you accidently forgot or lost your gmail login password the associated email address will be of immediate use. Google will send an email to that address to help you reset/change your gmail account password.

Note: Actually, the use of an associated email address is more than this. When you sign in your gmail account in another different IP address you will be asked to enter your associated eamil address to verify. So it is necessary for you to remember this secondary email address and its password. You’d better write them down and place it somewhere safe.

Way 2: By answering questions about your gmail account

When your associated email address or its password was also forgotten then it is another good choice for you to answer some questions about your gmail account to verify. In this way, to find your password you will also need to enter another email address with which Google will contact you. This email address can be any kind of email you can sign in. If you don’t have one you can instantly regiter one. More details in How to Recover Lost Gmail Password by Account Verification.

Way 3:Via Phone text message

If you ever used a telephone number to verify when registered your gmail account then you can find your lost or forgotten gmail password via phone text message. You will recieve a verification code on your phone from Google. Then use that code to reset your password.

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Way 4: Directly contact Google to recover your gmail account

If the forward 3 steps don’t work, you have no choice but to directly contact Google. You can call Google customer service and provide them as much as information about your gmail account. If you can justify that account indeed belongs to you the customer service representative will allow you to access your gmail account.